Grazing cattle and open hog farms once dominated the landscape in Iowa Now corn and soybean fields are peppered with Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations CAFO where thousands of animals are contained before being shipped to meatpacking plants  In addition to being associated with a host of environmental and health issues CAFOs decrease the price of agricultural goods by operating at a much lower costs than small farms
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Dairy Alternative Market Growth Led by Almond Milk
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As the first change in foodsafety laws since the 1930s FSMA gave the FDA the authority to recall unsafe products It quickly knocked performanceenhancing ingredient DMAA off store shelves It also shifted the requirement that facilities register with the agency from oneanddone to a requalification once every two years Theres also a foreign supplier verification program where the importer has to verify that the person is in compliance with product and process verification The higher costs assoc
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Let's eat meat until we can't?