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Zoetis introduces TRIAMULOX

Reliable formulation of tiamulin hydrogen fumarate available to swiftly treat swine dysentery and swine pneumonia.

August 4, 2016

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Zoetis introduces TRIAMULOX

Zoetis has added TRIAMULOX (tiamulin hydrogen fumarate) to its enteric and respiratory disease management portfolio. TRIAMULOX is a water-soluble treatment that can be administered to pigs of any age through drinking water to help pork producers and veterinarians combat swine dysentery caused by Brachyspira hyodysenteriae (SD) and swine pneumonia caused by Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (APP).

“Swine dysentery has made a resurgence during the past decade and is a costly disease for pork producers. Producers can experience as high as 30-90% mortality and significant drops in average daily gain and feed conversion from an SD outbreak, so they need a reliable, whole-herd treatment,” said Dr. Abigail Redalen with Pork Technical Services at Zoetis. “We encourage producers to work with their veterinarians on diagnosing SD and deciding if whole-herd treatment is right for their pigs.”

Zoetis is committed to helping producers fight swine enteric and respiratory diseases by providing a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, including vaccines to help prevent disease, STOMP Plus diagnostics support and expertise from industry-leading technical service veterinarians. In situations where antibiotics become a necessity, Zoetis strives to help producers and veterinarians use antibiotic products responsibly to assure the protection of animal and human health as well as to meet the strict food safety standards of government agencies.

To learn more about TRIAMULOX, contact a Zoetis representative or visit zoetisUS.com.

Withdraw medicated water three days before slaughter after use at 3.5 mg per pound and seven days before slaughter after use at 10.5 mg/lb. Refer to label for complete directions for use, precautions and warnings.

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