Unveiling economic challenges, investing in pork demand solutions

Economic uncertainty continues for the hog industry into 2024. Dr. Steve Meyer, economist, talks about what's ahead. Bill Even of the National Pork Board shares what's being done to grow the demand for US pork domestically and globally.

January 12, 2024

29 Min Listen

The National Pork Board collaborates with third-party experts to analyze both micro and macro-economic implications related to the challenging business landscape that American pig farmers confront. Accordingly, NPB’s producer-led board of directors allocates Pork Checkoff funds judiciously, focusing on short- and long-term demand creation strategies to enhance the value of pork and overcome barriers to consumption. 

Joining Feedstuffs in Focus host Sarah Muirhead to discuss the hog industry's current economic challenges and demand growth for pork are Dr. Steve Meyer, economist with Partners for Production Agriculture, and Bill Even, CEO of the National Pork Board.

The National Pork Board firmly believes that all stakeholders in the pork industry, and ultimately consumers, will benefit from a better overall understanding of the economics of pork production. That said, it is always advisable to seek independent advice from a professinal before making any economic decision.

Pork Checkoff funds are being used to make this podcast possible, with the primary purpose of facilitating the understanding of publicly available economic information.  Stay connected with Pork Checkoff by signing up for the checkoff’s weekly email at porkcheckoff.org/email

Any economic analysis, projections or opinions presented are solely those of Dr Meyer and do not represent the views or opinions of nor are they endorsed by the National Pork Board. All producers should seek independent advice from a professional before making any economic decisions.  

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