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Global group consists of members with knowledge of meat science, pig slaughter, processing, packing and retail.

May 29, 2018

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Topigs Norsvin Meat Group builds bridge between genetics, processing

Pig genetics company Topigs Norsvin has established a global Meat Group to identify and develop knowledge and solutions to the challenges faced by slaughterhouses, processors, packers and retailers working in the pork sector, according to the company.

The global group consists of members with a variety of backgrounds and knowledge of meat science, pig slaughter, processing, packing and retail, the announcement said. The group is already involved in presenting performance and global trends in meat traits to international audiences of businesses utilizing Topigs Norsvin products.

The group has also been active in researching solutions to issues arising in processing plants and identifying key innovations aimed at further improving the eating quality of meat derived from Topigs Norsvin genetics, the company said.

The Topigs Norsvin Meat Group has access to a huge amount of meat quality data collected on Topigs Norsvin products. Therefore, the group is able to communicate with packers and retailers to accurately explain the expected performance of the product post-slaughter. The group also has the skills to audit the supply chain if a product is not matching that expectation.

Improving the knowledge of how Topigs Norsvin animals perform and are used at slaughter — the point where the genetics return their financial investment to pig producers — enables Topigs Norsvin to assess the profitability and utility of their lines, the company said. The knowledge also aids support to the ever-increasing customer base with integrated businesses that own both pig production facilities as well as slaughter and processing plants.

Topigs Norsvin is known for its approach to implementing new technologies and a continuous focus on cost-efficient pig production, with research, innovation and dissemination of genetic improvement as the cornerstones of the company. Continuous and strong product improvement will enable clients to achieve significant added value in their production.

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