Tonisity launches isotonic protein drink for pigs

Drink encourages fluid intake to improve hydration and provides nutrients to improve health and production efficiency.

June 13, 2016

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Tonisity launches isotonic protein drink for pigs

Tonisity has launched a new product — the first isotonic protein drink for pigs — named Tonisity Px.

The drink not only encourages fluid intake to improve hydration as early as 24-48 hours after birth but also provides nutrients to improve health and production efficiency over the pig’s lifetime.

From day 2, Tonisity Px helps pigs cope with stress, decreases pre-weaning mortality, increases weaning weights and improves gut health, improving a producer’s return on investment for each litter. With a taste that pigs crave, Tonisity Px provides the hydration and intestinal support needed to get them off to a fast, healthy start.

“Stress in animals comes with change. For a baby pig, change starts right after birth as they transition to sow’s milk in a new environment amid competition with their siblings. This stress can impact the piglet’s intestinal and gut health, resulting in less appetite and dehydration," said Ava Firth, director of research and development, Tonisity. "Tonisity Px is specifically designed to hydrate and bring balance back to the intestines and gut.”

Tonisity Px contains sodium, potassium, chlorine and dextrose in concentrations similar to those recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for humans. The goal is to supply simple sugars, amino acids, electrolytes and water to restore hydration and glucose levels during times of stress, along with special ingredients that support cell metabolic function.

“We are excited to bring this new solution to help meet the changing needs of the U.S. swine market. Tonisity Px enables producers to get more pigs per litter off to a fast start by increasing nutrient intake, giving pigs the vigor and vitality they need to transition more easily into each stage of production,” said Arie Halpern, Tonisity board of directors.

Tonisity Px is a powder that mixes easily with water and remains in suspension when used in a creep feeder or pan. It fits into all types of management systems and can be used throughout various stages of swine production, including suckling, weaning and before or after transportation.

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