Second annual 30-day protein challenge launched

The checkoff's "Beef. It's What's For Dinner" brand will launch second annual 30 Day Protein Challenge campaign this month.

May 3, 2016

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Second annual 30-day protein challenge launched

The checkoff's “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner” brand will launch the second annual 30 Day Protein Challenge campaign this month.

Americans currently consume two-thirds of their total daily protein intake at dinner, which doesn’t leave much room for protein at other meals or snacks. The 30 Day Protein Challenge provides a step-by-step plan to get an optimal amount of protein throughout the day.

The first launch of the Protein Challenge in 2015 was extremely successful, exceeding benchmark metrics set for the campaign, including more than 14,000 email campaign subscriptions, 81,000-plus email opens and click-throughs and more than 164,000 visits to the Protein Challenge landing page on during the campaign period.

To continue the success in 2016, several upgrades have been made to the campaign to increase engagement with and the visibility of the program, including:

•           The addition of a weekly email option. This weekly option will complement the daily emails, providing all of the tips and tools for success a participant needs at the beginning of the week rather than every day.

•           The Protein Challenge landing page was updated, making it easier for participants to navigate through the tools and recipes available.

•           The Protein Challenge also will be supported through a variety of checkoff-funded advertising tools, such as Facebook advertising, Google search advertising, banner advertising and targeted ads within consumers’ Gmail account inbox.

“For some time, researchers have known that there are health and wellness benefits to consuming protein in balanced amounts at each meal,” said Beef Board member Chuck Kiker, co-chairman of the checkoff’s Consumer Trust committee and a producer from Beaumont, Texas. “Significant research shows that some people can lose and maintain a healthy weight, support a healthy metabolism and age more vibrantly when they consume more high-quality protein, within calorie goals. And the good news is that beef is an excellent source of protein (20% or more of the daily value).”

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