New year, new opportunities for feed science

Yeast Bioactives, VHP-approved liquid options and next-generation MCFA among standouts.

January 21, 2021

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New year, new innovations, new opportunities. Now that 2021 has arrived, livestock producers and their industries have a fresh calendar of potential to fulfill.

One of the most promising areas to help them maximize success is feed science. The advances cover swine, poultry, ruminants and more. A company with a unique vantage point on the latest progress and potential is CBS Inc., which is heavily focused on innovation and has a strong foundation of partnerships with many leading universities and research institutions.

“We are coming off a year that was very unique and at times challenging for many industries including agriculture,” said Mark Peters, sales and marketing director for CBS. “But under the radar there has been a good news story building that we now see really taking hold in 2021– the story of how feed science advances are giving producers better tools to get better results.”

Science fuels success

The fuel for this rising trend has been an influx of new science into novel feed technology interventions, with a particular emphasis on market-friendly bio-based solutions, noted Rob Patterson, CBS technical director. Rapid growth in science-based knowledge has vastly expanded the understanding and application of a variety of catalysts for improvement.

For CBS, this has included advances now featured across its portfolio of CBS Feed Science Platforms in five areas, including Multi-Carbohydrase technology, enhanced yeast technology, grain management technology, functional fatty acids, and phytogenics and probiotics.

“We have been hearing a consistent message across our pipeline from primary researchers to industry partners and early adopting producers – there is a lot of innovation, coming at the right time,” said Patterson.

Top innovations driving demand

Several top examples of feed science innovations that took major steps forward, both in technology and adoption, in 2020 are now expected to stride exponentially further in 2021. Among those leading demand is CBS Yeast Bioactives technology, an enhanced yeast innovation introduced by CBS that has seen a surge in adoption not only for its inherent advantages for optimizing efficiency and performance but also as a health management tool. CBS last year received Veterinary Health Products (VHP) approval for Maxi-Nutrio Liquid, one of several products featuring the CBS Yeast Bioactives technology.

“This technology is very unique in the marketplace and particularly in today’s environment offers exceptional advantages,” said Paul Garvey, sales manager for CBS. “The liquid formulation added to the water is a simple, practical solution that provides immediate support and benefits without needing to wait for a veterinary script.”

Based on the success of Maxi-Nutrio Liquid, led by high adoption for broiler production use, CBS has now introduced its newest VHP approved option Maxi-Gen Liquid, featuring dietary nucleotides along with Yeast Bioactives. This new formulation has similar advantages tailored more toward piglets, calves, and turkeys, production systems with larger animals and longer production cycles compared to broilers.

Another standout is “free form” medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) technology, which has shown benefits to slash bacterial and viral threats while supporting top performance.

“At a time when the industry is shifting to antimicrobial alternatives this feed tech is headlining a lot of the coffee row chatter,” said Peters, “particularly as the latest next generation options have hit the marketplace in time for a robust 2021. The new MCFA options are factoring into a lot of the planning decisions.”

Another new CBS introduction is ProSparity, a multi-component protease enzyme formulation that boosts protein capture from feedstuffs. This feed technology solution is available in flexible formats offered in both liquid and dry concentrations.

“Overall, it’s clear science is becoming the key difference maker today,” said Peters. “Most important, this is all progress that makes a real impact at the farm level – improving performance, profitability and sustainability in ways that directly benefit the producer. There are a lot of positives building momentum that will carry forward throughout the year and beyond.”

Broadened availability for 2021

Broadened availability across the FSPs will be aided by a fortified and expanded CBS manufacturing and distribution network, said Krisjan Jones, operations director for CBS. The company has bolstered resources and partnerships servicing markets internationally, highlighted by the new CBS America distribution center in Volga, South Dakota.

“We have a lot of activity moving forward at a swift pace,” said Jones. “It’s shaping up to be a big year ahead.”


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