New crop corn: Time to monitor and think about mycotoxin risks

As is generally the case this time of year with new crop corn, be on the lookout for mycotoxins and know your risk level.

October 17, 2023

14 Min Listen

The hog industry is currently dealing with numerous stressful situations, and one, in particular, that needs to be on the industry's radar as new crop corn starts coming in is that of grain quality.  What is  the mycotoxin risk and how may that change as harvest season progresses?

In this episode of Feedstuffs Precision Pork, host Patrick Duerksen, Commercial Director for Cargill, is joined by Drs. Wes Schweer and Chris Parks, Swine Nutritionists with Cargill. They discuss the current situation related to mycotoxins and what to watch for in the coming months.

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