iNOVOTEC Animal Care introduces activity monitors

SMART Monitoring & Feedback System tracks cattle activity and rumen health via in-dwelling rumen sensors.

April 20, 2016

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iNOVOTEC Animal Care introduces activity monitors

INOVOTEC Animal Care LLC of St. Louis, Mo., the exclusive partner of smaXtec in the Americas, announced the latest addition to the smaXtec SMART Monitoring & Feedback System. The new 3.0 version includes animal activity tracking in addition to rumen pH and temperature capabilities.

iNOVOTEC now offers two new in-dwelling rumen sensors:

1. Combination Sensor — Track pH, temperature and activity with a single bolus. This is a tool for monitoring rumen and cow health (smaXtec sensor plus pH).

2. Estrus Sensor — Monitor temperature and activity with the updated sensor. Activity tracking, added to temperature monitoring, provides accurate data to more precisely predict estrus events (smaXtec sensor).

When using both bolus types in the herd, producers and nutrition advisers are able to act on information not available before, refining the ration and helping cows achieve maximum performance.

The SMART Monitoring System offers the next level of precision management data and is already installed in more than 6,000 dairy cows globally.

The smaXtec SMART Monitoring System consists of:

* A combination sensor with proprietary technology that enables accurate ruminal pH measurement for 150 days, along with temperature and activity tracking for four years;

* An estrus sensor that provides continuous measurement of temperature and cow activity for four years;

* An easy-to-install "plug-and-play" Base Station with a GSM or direct internet connection;

* An optional number of repeaters, providing easy, flexible and cost-efficient extension of the system's wireless network;

* A climate sensor that provides continuous measurement of environmental factors such as ambient temperature and humidity levels, and

* Messenger software, an analytical and automatic messaging tool for efficient herd management from any location with internet access, including 24/7 event alerts.

"As the only in-dwelling system with (Food & Drug Administration) and (U.S. Department of Agriculture) clearance in the U.S., producers and nutritionists can be confident that the SMART rumen monitoring technology is safe and effective, providing a whole new level of cow management information," said Bruce Hageman, general manager of iNOVOTEC Animal Care. "With this latest enhancement, we are now able to help dairy producers improve their breeding as well as nutrition programs."

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