GlobalVetLINK acquires HIMS software

In a July 23 technology acquisition, GlobalVetLINK acquired the Health Information Management System (HIMS) from Carthage Veterinary Service.

August 21, 2014

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GlobalVetLINK acquires HIMS software

In a technology acquisition on July 23, GlobalVetLINK (GVL) gained an established software solution called Health Information Management System (HIMS) from Carthage Veterinary Service Ltd. (CVS).

Together, CVS and GVL aim to deliver HIMS to all animal health stakeholders, addressing the ongoing challenges for more reliable diagnostic data analytics, an announcement said.

GVL chief executive officer Cliff Smith said, "This is an opportunity to expand a system that was developed by a well-known and respected veterinary clinic. CVS brings more than 60 years of animal health services including five years of expertise on HIMS. The result is a customer-centric solution with capabilities to capture, collate and interpret diagnostic data. This acquisition also provides tools that the animal health industry needs to help track and prevent disease outbreaks like PEDV (porcine epidemic diarrhea virus)."

HIMS is a real-time solution that provides digital animal laboratory diagnostics for disease monitoring, analysis and pathogen response. Along with automating the transmission of test data from the clinic to the laboratory, the system will rapidly collect and aggregate multi-laboratory diagnostic results, enhance data quality for genetic sequencing and disease incidence, track pathogen prevalence overtime and increase herd health management efficiency.

HIMS will make a significant difference when novel epidemics like swine enteric coronavirus diseases (SECD), including PEDV, strike the industry. This solution can provide real-time results that could detect epidemics faster, thus take action to prevent disease spread and develop a treatment plan.

GVL senior product manager Heather Van Lin explained that "HIMS will be an excellent fit with the current LabLINK solution by expanding its capabilities with more species, tests and analytical features."

GVL will also marry the product names and brand it LabLINK HIMS Diagnostic Solution. Van Lin added, "Keeping the HIMS name is important to us, as it reflects the evolution of where diagnostic analytics will progress in order to help diagnose, prevent and treat animal disease."

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