Feedstuffs launches new virtual community, feed ingredient pricing tool

Later this month Feedstuffs will launch Feedstuffs 365, a virtual community and events platform for Feedstuffs subscribers. In addition, Feedstuffs now offers a digital feed ingredient pricing tool with 24/7 global ingredient pricing updates and visualization.

January 8, 2021

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A new year, a new way of communicating, and a new benefit to Feedstuffs subscribers: Feedstuffs 365, a new virtual community and events platform for the feed and livestock industry, launches later this month. In addition to delivering live, interactive presentations and discussions on the day’s leading news and technical information, the new service also includes a new, more in-depth look at feed ingredient prices around the world.

In this episode, Feedstuffs publisher Sarah Muirhead explains more about the new platform, and the new benefits to Feedstuffs subscribers, launching January 25.

Additionally, Feedstuffs subscribers now have access to a new digital feed ingredient pricing tool. Subscribers have long relied on the Feedstuffs database of feed ingredient prices from around the country. We’re taking this data to the next level by partnering with Glowlit to bring subscribers unprecedented access to real-time prices for a range of feed ingredients and additives. Instead of weekly updates, prices will now be available 24/7 as they are reported. All charts are live and interactive and have been populated with decades of Feedstuffs price history.

Also in this episode, Glowlit president Guy Soreq describes the new tool as essentially an online crowdsourcing platform for feed ingredient market intelligence. Through its technology, Glowlit allows market professionals like you to anonymously benchmark your prices against other verified deals in the surrounding area. It is all possible with a simple click on a product name. This new price tool can be found under the Ingredient Market Price navigation link at Feedstuffs.com, and we’ll feature weekly discussion and analysis of pricing trends via Feedstuffs 365.

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