Environmental scientist Jesse McCoy discusses the importance of water quality testing and system design in the health, wellbeing and productivity of livestock and poultry.

April 2, 2020

1 Min Read
Feedstuffs podcast: NCBA CEO talks COVID-19, Brazilian beef and GIPSA


Water is not water is not water, at least when it comes to what’s best for livestock and poultry. 

Jesse McCoy is an environmental scientist with Neogen specializing in production agriculture. He has extensive experience working with large integrated production agriculture companies as well as independent producers to implement solutions to reduce pathogen loads at production facilities. 

In this episode we talk with McCoy about water treatment system design for production agriculture and the need for accurate water analysis. He explains why it all comes down to expectations of water quality and the desired performance outcome. 

Water, after all, is the largest oral input in any production system and can be a matter of life or death in a barn. 

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