Dustin Boler, a meat scientist with Topigs Norsvin, talks about the latest innovations in meat quality.

July 16, 2020

Feedstuffs podcast: NCBA CEO talks COVID-19, Brazilian beef and GIPSA

Summer grilling season is in full swing, even with the shadow of COVID-19 putting something of a damper on spirits and the size of backyard gatherings. For the pork industry, as consumers fire up the grill, it’s a chance for packers, processors and producers to work through a backlog of hogs created by plant closures necessitated by the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In this episode, we talk with one of the industry’s leading young meat scientists about his perspective on the current state of the industry, how the industry is communicating with consumers, and – just for fun – what he’s throwing on the ol’ Weber this summer.

Dustin Boler, originally from Spencer, Ind., is a meat scientist for Topigs Norsvin known for his experience with pork quality, growth promoting technologies in meat animals, and contemporary issues facing the meat industry. He has worked with pharmaceutical companies, genetic companies, and with many major meat packers throughout his time in industry and academia. His research has focused generally on topics of meat quality, such as the improvement in tenderness when pork is cooked to 145°F, and determining changes in pork quality as pigs are marketed at increasingly heavier weights.

Boler was recently named by the American Meat Science Association as one of the recipients of the organization's Distinguished Achievement Award for 2020. He was specifically recognized for the quality and volume of his research contributions both in industry, and while on faculty at The Ohio State University and the University of Illinois.

This episode of Feedstuffs In Focus  is sponsored by Topigs Norsvin, the second largest swine genetics company in the world. Topigs Norsvin’s unique breeding program is designed to accelerate genetic progress at the customer level by creating innovative products and solutions that benefit the entire pork production chain. To get more information, visit TopigsNorsvin.us.

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