Feed Additive Focus: Lysine, Vitamin B5, Vitamin K3

Global insights into Lysine HCL, Vitamin B5 Calpan and Vitamin K3 MSB markets.

May 7, 2020

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Feed Additive Focus: Lysine, Vitamin B5, Vitamin K3

Feedstuffs has partnered with Glowlit to provide weekly access to real-time feed additive pricing.

Glowlit is an innovative market intelligence platform that generates free price reports on more than 50 feed additive products. Each week we'll be providing a sneak peak at global price movement. 

This week, we’re sharing global insights into Lysine HCL, Vitamin B5 Calpan and Vitamin K3 MSB.

The global price of L-Lysine is $1.4 per KG for Chinese produced material with domestically produced Lysine fetching a 13% higher premium. This is a 15% decline since the peak price in the second week of February. However, the global price is largely irrelevant given the regulatory action being taken by countries around the world to protect against anti-competitive pricing. Several Chinese suppliers have now been banned from selling Lysine in Europe while Indonesia began an anti-dumping probe on March 23rd of this year. Login to Glowlit to see how Lysine is priced in your location in the world. 

Lysine 2020-05-04.png

The current global price of Calpan is $48.4 per KG, a return to pre-COVID levels that had persisted over the last 12 months after the exit of low-cost suppliers from the market.  

B5 Calpan 2020-05-03.png

The global price of Vitamin K3 MSB declined until early this year when the price suddenly spiked by 63% in February 2020. Glowlit is tracking significant interest in Vitamin K3 MSB which suggests a continued increase. Currently, the price is estimated at $16.2 per KG with the highest sale recorded reaching $17.3 per KG. 

Vitamin K3 2020-05-06.png

Vitamin K3 demonstrates what can happen when two industries share a single supply chain. Producers of Vitamin K3 have another line of business in leather and tanning agents that has taken a hit with the declines across the fashion and car industries. Animal nutrition customers of K3 have been collateral damage as the price of K3 for animal nutrition went up to compensate for those losses. Two producers in particular, Hubei Zhenhua Chemical Co., Ltd. & Brother Enterprises Holding Co., Ltd., reduced their production capacity and thus needed to raise the price where there was still demand.

Glowlit crowdsources prices from industry professionals around the world. To get your free price report, simply visit Glowlit  and anonymously share a quoted or purchased price for your product of interest.    


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