EASY BIO acquires Devenish Nutrition

South Korea firm committed to developing solutions for sustainable livestock, rapidly growing and establishing itself in the global feed additive market.

March 7, 2024

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EASY BIO, South Korea’s leading animal nutrition company, has announced the acquisition of a 100% stake in Devenish Nutrition LLC, a U.S. corporation specializing in feed additives in a move to strengthen its feed additive and premix business in North America.

Specifically, the former’s U.S. subsidiary, EASY BIO USA, took over Devenish Nutrition from its parent company, Devenish Holdings Limited located in Northern Island.

Since its launch in 1998, Fairmont, Minnesota-headquartered Devenish Nutrition has been competitively operating businesses such as feed additives and premixes, which meet various needs of customers through five production plants and six research facilities in the United States and Mexico.

In particular, more than 30 of its 200-plus employees are Ph.D.-level personnel, which helped the company establish a firm position in the North American livestock market through value-adding products and services based on high-quality technology and research capabilities.

After its foundation in 1988, EASY BIO has headed the technology in alternative antibiotic solutions, cost-saving solutions, and animal gut health solutions under the banner of “Guidance for Sustainable Animal Industry” and has focused all of its capabilities on setting out directions for the future eco-friendly animal industry and enhancing customer competitiveness.

EASY BIO has chalked up rapid growth mainly through its subsidiary Pathway Intermediates Limited in the United Kingdom in such global markets as the United States, Canada, Spain, China, Vietnam and Thailand. It also has supplied a host of animal nutrition solutions to around 50 countries in the world.

This acquisition is based on the belief that Devenish Nutrition’s management philosophy, which has developed and supplied a variety of technology-based solutions for customer success and sustainable growth, is very well in line with EASY BIO’s mission, “The Value-Added Solution of Feeding Tomorrow,” to provide a valuable solution to customers for sustainable livestock.

In addition, the solutions, technologies and sales power of the various portfolios of the two companies are expected to enable mutual strategic supplementation and synergy creation in the future, which will not only beef up competitiveness in North America but also enable customer satisfaction through more diverse and differentiated solutions in the global markets.

“Devenish Nutrition is already a leading company in the North American market with its solid technology and various solutions," said EASY BIO CEO Stevenson Hwang. "We are confident that this is an outstanding achievement and competitiveness of many talented people in the company, including management. EASY BIO believes it has a significant responsibility to fully support Devenish Nutrition so that the company with these strengths can continue to develop and grow into a market leader in the future through this acquisition.

“In this respect, Devenish Nutrition will continue to operate with its current management team and employees at the center and continue to grow with its customers and business partners based on the great history, tradition, and corporate culture that its executives and employees have made."

“I am delighted we have now completed this transaction. Devenish Nutrition is a well-established and well-recognized brand across the United States and Mexico livestock industry," said Devenish Nutrition CEO Cory Penn. "With the help and support of the EASY BIO Group, we will continue to expand our footprint across North America with investments in people, research, and manufacturing facilities. The relationship with EASY BIO will provide Devenish Nutrition with significant benefits, including additional financial resources, access to a unique and innovative product portfolio, as well as access to additional research capabilities.

“We believe these additional resources will ultimately benefit all our stakeholders, including customers, employees, and supplier partners. Our business is built around a strong employee culture, with a focus on delivering nutritional solutions to support the challenges and opportunities of our customers. EASY BIO has similar strong values and an appreciation of employees being its strongest asset, which points toward a very successful business that I believe will go from strength to strength. It is an exciting time for Devenish Nutrition’s North American business."

EASY BIO plans to emphasize this purpose and direction once again for executives, customers and business partners of Devenish Nutrition and to support the business in earnest.

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