Documentary: What’s a world without cows?

We sit down with Dr. Mark Lyons of Alltech to find out more about a new documentary that Alltech is working on as well as plans for the 2024 Alltech ONE World Tour and to find out more about several of the companies recent acquisitions.

February 8, 2024

12 Min Listen

Amid narrow views about cows and climate change, there is an important conversation to be had. A conversation about the role cows play in our daily lives and world around us. A conversation about the what if … what if there were no more cows? 
Joining us on this episode is Dr. Mark Lyons, Alltech president and CEO. 
We caught up with Dr. Lyons during the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta where we got the first scoop on a new feature-length, 90-minute documentary that Alltech is working on that explores the true impact of cattle and the potential consequences of their removal. We also get a preview of the 2024 Alltech ONE World Tour and discussed several recent acquisitions by the company, including: 

  • Agolin - In May 2023, Alltech acquired majority interest in the Swiss-based company, Agolin developed and produced plant-based nutrition solutions that has been scientifically proven to improve herd performance, profitability and sustainability in beef and dairy cattle, including milk and meat production.

  • Ideagro - This partnership joins two leading companies to accelerate soil and crop research, and to enhance biological and other microorganism-based offerings to producers around the world.

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