Boomer and Lytle retire from Arm & Hammer

Dr. Gene Boomer and David Lytle spent their careers working to advance health and productivity of dairy cattle.

February 10, 2022

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Boomer and Lytle retire from Arm & Hammer

Two long-time dairy industry professionals have recently retired from Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production. Dr. Gene Boomer, Texas, and David Lytle, Pennsylvania, have both retired after spending their careers working to advance the health and productivity of dairy cattle.

Dr. Gene Boomer came to Arm & Hammer 14 years ago as a field technical services manager. In this role, Gene used his knowledge and experience as a veterinarian to bring the latest research and technologies to consultants and dairy farmers. Gene’s research and expertise focused on transition cow and heifer management. Gene was also one of the first pioneering veterinarians to use and teach model-based ration formulation software.

“Gene was a well-polished and extremely helpful mentor and coach to all his teammates. He always added depth to our understanding of dairy science and production as it has evolved over time,” said Dr. Elliot Block, senior research fellow and director of technology at Arm & Hammer.  “We wish him the best of luck in his retirement.”

David Lytle served dairy producers in the northeast for over three decades. Most recently Dave led the East Region dairy team as the senior manager of regional sales. Dave spent the majority of his career at Arm & Hammer, leading teams through the evolution of the business and working closely with colleagues throughout the industry to introduce new products and technologies to help dairy cattle reach their genetic potential. 

“Dave’s passion for agriculture and the people in the industry has been a driving force in his success,” said Mark Martinez, director of Americas Sales. “Dave often expressed his appreciation to work in an industry he was passionate about. He will continue his involvement in the industry as he expands agritourism opportunities on his home farm.”

Customers needing to reach technical services in the southwest should reach out to Dr. Joel Pankowski and customers needing sales assistance in the east should reach out to Mark Herrman.

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