Bayer launches new cold fog aerosol insecticide

DeltaGard provides new option for ultra-low-volume method of fly control that can be applied with animals present.

March 29, 2016

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Bayer launches new cold fog aerosol insecticide

Bayer Animal Health has introduced a new cold fog aerosol insecticide for control of flies and mosquitoes. DeltaGard Insecticide provides an ultra-low-volume method of control for fly species and resistant mosquito species to help producers treat these pests quickly and effectively.

The active ingredient in DeltaGard, deltamethrin, is the first and only Type II pyrethroid registered in the U.S. for wide-area mosquito control, Bayer said.

“DeltaGard offers options to producers who have seen mosquito resistance,” Dr. Larry Hawkins, senior technical services veterinarian at Bayer, said. “It kills flies and mosquitoes quickly, in as little as 10-15 minutes, with no knockdown recovery.”

The wide usability of DeltaGard makes it a convenient option for fly control for livestock producers. It can be applied in wide-area fly control in and around poultry and livestock facilities and over any crop or agricultural areas, with or without livestock present, including row crops, trees, fruit or citrus, pasture and rangeland.

“DeltaGard has the lowest application rate among competitive products, with an application rate comparable to one aspirin-sized pellet of active ingredient dispersed over an entire football field,” said Bruce Brinkmeyer, product manager for livestock insecticides at Bayer. “The low application rate reduces the impact on the environment and community.”

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