Ascus Biosciences rebrands as Native Microbials

Rooted in endomicrobial ecology, Native Microbials enters U.S. market and is set to launch first branded products.

September 22, 2020

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Ascus Biosciences rebrands as Native Microbials

To align its groundbreaking technology approach with its product pipeline, science-based animal health and nutrition company Ascus Biosciences announced that it has rebranded as Native Microbials.

“Our new brand positioning as Native Microbials embodies and clearly communicates our unique approach to provide products that achieve optimal animal outcomes using naturally occurring microbes native to each animal species,” Native Microbials chief executive officer Michael Seely said. “As Native Microbials, our mission is to improve the health and well-being of all animals around the world. We deliver breakthrough microbial solutions through our unwavering commitment to deep science.”

The company’s new brand identity comes shortly after securing $46 million in Series B funding earlier this year. As a result, Native Microbials is building momentum to expand its products and services beyond current markets.

Native Microbials said it is well positioned ahead of the U.S. launch of the world’s first endomicrobial products: Galaxis for dairy cattle and Avius Protect for poultry. These products are underpinned by what Native Microbials says are the world’s largest microbial genomics data sets, which enable both a more coherent deciphering of the microbial communities in and on animals but also the ability to develop products that are highly effective, safe and operate in harmony with animal welfare and production, the company said in an announcement.

“Our products set a high bar for us and others to chase in the pursuit of helping customers,” Seely said. “We look forward to delivering our microbes and microbial insights in order to help our customers and their advisors continue to care for their animals in ways that are not only harmonious with their animals biology and end consumer needs but, at the same time, create value.”

In addition to Galaxis and Avius Protect, the company has multiple microbial solutions in development for poultry, swine, beef feedlot, equine, aquaculture and companion species.

With headquarters in San Diego, Cal., Native Microbials maintains multiple field and production operations worldwide.

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