Agricultural Software Consultants introduces MixitPC

New feed formulation software provides enhanced ration delivery from the nutritionist to the client.

August 18, 2016

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Agricultural Software Consultants introduces MixitPC

Agricultural Software Consultants Inc. (ASC), providing least-cost feed formulation software to nutritionists since 1979, announced a new companion program to MixitWin, ASC’s premier feed formulation program.

MixitPC is a new program that delivers rations to clients in an enhanced way. Instead of just sending a ration report, rations can be delivered along with easy to use software that lets the nutritionist or client make on-the-spot changes to prices and ingredients and reformulate least-cost rations.

With MixitPC:

* Give clients exactly the data and software they need, at no cost to them.

* Use a flash drive, optical disk or shared cloud space to deliver rations to clients.

* Develop rations with MixitWin and share different subsets of these rations with different clients.

* Use MixitPC on the road as a presentation tool.

* Travel without a computer, carrying data and software on a flash drive.

* Freely distribute data and software among students in an educational setting.

For more information on the Mixit family of software, visit Email [email protected] with questions and request an evaluation copy of MixitPC. Note that MixitPC is a Java application and requires Java runtime on the target computer. While MixitWin runs on Windows 10, any operating system that supports Java can run MixitPC: Windows, Apple, Linux, etc.

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