Acuity chooses Topigs Norsvin as genetic partner

License granted to market products with partner genetics.

September 1, 2020

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Acuity recently announced the strategic selection of the company’s genetic partner: Topigs Norsvin. With this new agreement, both Acuity and Topigs Norsvin have been granted a license to market products in the U.S. that contain partner genetics, according to the announcement.

In addition to broader product portfolios and genetic distribution, this relationship provides the opportunity for joint collaboration and expansion of technical expertise, commercial product testing and supply chain infrastructure, Acuity said.

The teams at Acuity and Topigs Norsvin have enjoyed a history of working together via their common customer, The Maschhoffs LLC, a sister-company to Acuity. This new agreement formalizes their working relationship and creates the opportunity to deliver products and solutions to the entire U.S. market, the announcement said.

“The Acuity strategy, at its core, includes a strong consideration for technology-based partnerships that create synergistic outcomes where they may not otherwise have existed. This particular partnership affords us the unique opportunity to bring together our supply chain infrastructure and commercially focused genetic base with Topigs Norsvin’s dedicated approach to innovation in genetic solutions," Acuity president Dr. Clint Schwab said. "As such, we are tremendously excited about the opportunity to partner with Topigs Norsvin in an effort to couple our competencies in a manner that will bring further value to our collective customer base.”

Dr. Mike Terrill, president and chief executive officer of Topigs Norsvin USA:, added, “Part of our ambition, as a leader in swine genetic solutions, is a desire to build long-term partnerships with companies like Acuity. This is not simply a distribution agreement; this is a partnership in both genetics and innovation, which will make both companies stronger.”

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