10 startups selected for THRIVE Canada Accelerator Program

To date THRIVE's Accelerator Program has graduated seven global cohorts and a total of 73 startups including seven Canadian startups.

February 4, 2022

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THRIVE by SVG Ventures

SVG Ventures/THRIVE has announced the first iteration of THRIVE Canada Accelerator Program and the 10 startups selected to join their cohort.

The 10 finalists, four from Ontario, two from Quebec, two from British Columbia and one each from Alberta and Newfoundland were featured in a startup showcase during the 'Spotlight on Canadian Agrifood Innovation' which was officially opened by the Honorable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

The THRIVE Accelerator Program supports early-stage startups from all areas of the value chain whose technologies drive towards a more efficient, sustainable and secure agriculture future. The selected companies benefit from a three-month program that provides investment, direct access to prospective customers, partners, mentors and subject matter experts in addition to global brand visibility.  The program culminates with Demo Day at the THRIVE Canada Agtech Summit during Calgary Stampede in July.

"Innovation is key to solving the challenges within the agricultural supply chain," said John Hartnett, Founder and CEO SVG Ventures/THRIVE. "We are excited to discover, elevate and empower local Canadian startups that are innovating to address these challenges with their ground breaking new technologies."
To date THRIVE's Accelerator Program has graduated seven global cohorts and a total of 73 startups including seven Canadian startups. These startups have created more than $1 billion in value. The program has been acknowledged as the No. 1 AgTech Accelerator by AgFunder and SVG Ventures has been recognized by Crunchbase as the Most Active AgTech Investor.

Admission to the Program is fiercely competitive and in it's first year the THRIVE Canada Program received a total of 168 applicants. The competitive selection process, conducted in collaboration with THRIVE's corporate Canadian partners include founding partner Farm Credit Canada, Old's College, Platform Calgary, UFA, Trimble, ATB, Nutrien, University of Guelph and Zone Agtech, among others. The THRIVE Canada Accelerator is also part of the Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program that is run by a consortium led by Alberta Innovates. The consortium, which also include Jobs, Economy and Innovation and the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund, allocated $35 million over three years to retain business accelerators. It's part of an overall government goal to help create 20,000 jobs and increase technology firm revenue to $5 billion by 2030.

The THRIVE Canada Cohort is comprised of the following startups:

  • aiSight makes agriculture supply chain automation more efficient and sustainable using their computer vision video analytics solution. 

  • AGvisorPRO instantly connects the ag industry to deliver sustainable solutions through a network of premium, trusted, specialized advisors. 

  • Cattle Scan identifies a sick cow two to three days before she drops her milk production and allows a dairy producer to save $1.3K worth of milk per sick cow by catching a sickness before a farmer even realizes there is a sick cow. 

  •  EcoBloc reduces inventory loss, operational downtime and biosecurity risk resulting from rodent destruction in the global food supply chain.

  •  Ladybug Robotics develops intelligent vineyard pruning robots to save the burden of finding seasonal workers while reducing the operational cost by half.

  •  Nectar uses precision beekeeping technology to help commercial beekeepers raise healthier honeybee colonies, provide specialty crop growers analytics to optimize pollination and brings agrifood stakeholders the biodiversity data to optimize toward a resilient food supply chain.

  •  Nurture Growth Biofertilizer upcycles food waste from restaurants and transforms it into an organic microbial biofertilizer with biostimulant and bioinnoculant benefits.

  •  RHST Industries "Water Pearl" is a high impact ag technology which reduces water footprint 30-50% by limiting the effects of evaporation coupled with a 20-30% increase in plant yield.

  •  Susterre is introducing ultra-high pressure water jets into row crop planting applications. They facilitate no-till farming, driving down farm costs, regenerating the soil and preserving natural resources.

  • Verdi builds variable rate irrigation and fertigation for specialty crops, helping farmers grow uniform yield and quality, and beat drought. 

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