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Exhibit Locator    
Exhibits are identified first by building code, followed by booth number. The building codes are:    
AH – Arts and Home Center    
CP – Center of Progress    
D – Dairy Building    
HT – Horticulture Building    
I – International Pavilion    
S- Science Building    
Company Name BLDG SPACE
A.N. Martin Grain Systems CP A4
Abilene Machine Inc HT D3
Abs Global Inc. D 595
Accelerated Genetics HT 3310
Adams Supply CP 133
Adinorth Structures-Britespan CP 158
Admar Supply Company S ADMAR
ADR/JB Corp. CP 178
Advanced Comfort Technology HT B13
Aer-Way/Saf-Holland Equip. Ltd. D UD
Ag Nation Products HT 3337
Ag-Bag A Miller St. Nazianz Co D 558
Agcareers.Com I TOP
Agco Corp. HT AGCO
Ag-One Associates CP FOOD
Agricultural Engineering Services CP 202
Agridry LLC D 587
Agri-Dynamics D 720
Agri-Fab & Repair Inc. HT D2
Agri-King Inc. CP 116
Agrilight Inc. D 532
Agri-Mark/Mccadam HT 0322G
Agri-Plastics Mfg. D CD
Agri-Trac US I 22
Agrochem Inc. HT 374
Agromatic Inc. HT E4
Ahona-Alternative Heating of No. America HT 3308
AIC HT 340
Akey HT 379
Albers Dairy Equipment HT 322
Allegany Insurance Group AH 51
Allflex USA Inc. D 812
AlO North America D Z
Alternative Heating Solutions CP 204
Aman’s Construction/Barn Roofing I 5
American Agriculturist Magazine HT 0374B
American Farm Mortgage Company CP 459
American Seed Company CP 157
Ams Galaxy USA HT E5
Amsoil HT 317
Anderson Group Inc. D ED
Animal Medic/Vanbeek Natural Science HT 0322D
Animart D 731
Applegrove Farm AH 049
Arlton & Ingrid Lamont AH  
Art Smith AH 17
Art’s-Way Manufacturing Inc. D ART
Asap Interiors D BCD
Ashley Lynn Winery D 574
Axa Advisors I 8
Bag Man LLC D 640
Ballaststar Corp. CP 206
Barber & Deline LLC D 816
Baughman Tile Co. HT 0322H
Bca Ag Technologies HT E9
Bergman Mfg. Inc. D 591
Blu-Jet By Thurston Mfg. Co. D CAD
Bobcat Company CP F
Bou-Matic HT E7
Branson D 653
Branson Tractors D BD
Brillion Farm Equipment CP CC
Broad Horizons International Inc. I 3
Bud’s Farm Toys ** AH 7
Business Lease Consultants Inc. HT 377
C.K. Replacement Stalls I 120
Calf Star HT E8
Canns-Bilco Distributors Inc HT E3
Carl Ruferer CP 229
Carlton Popcorn CP 156
Caro-Vail D 647
Case IH CP M
Casella Organics CP 207
Cazenovia Equipment Co. D 815
CB Structures I TOP
Cbm Electronic Lighting Inc. D 652
Central NY 2 Cylinder Club CP 229
Central NY Antique Tractor Club CP 229
Central Petroleum Company D 593
Channel HT 366
Charvin Farm Ag Plastics CP 142
Chemgro Seeds D 710
Chevrolet Motor Divison S CHEVY
Chris Fesko Enterprises HT 0322C
Clean Cutter Flail&Tiller Blades D 734
Cleanfix North America Ltd. I 4
Club Car Inc. CP H
Cny Solar Inc. HT 380
Cobra Torches Inc. CP 120C
Coburn Company Inc. CP 444
Community Bank, N.A. CP 166
Components Plus LLC HT 3311
Conewango Products Corp. HT 3305
Conklin CP 183
Conklin Co.(Chase’s Farm And Home) I 38
Corfu Machine Company Inc. I TOP
Cornell Cooperative Extension AH 09B
Cornell Cooperative Extension - Chenango County I 28
Country Folks HT 316
Cowkuhlerz D 724
Crary/Pro Tile CP 179
Crop Production Services HT 3301
Crown Royal Stoves CP 156A
CRV D 729
Cummings & Bricker Inc. CP A2
Custer Products Ltd. CP 180
Custom Traction Grooving HT 339
Cutco Cutlery CP 400
Dairy Farmers Of America D DAIRY
Dairy Marketing Services D DAIRY
Dairyland Seed D 722
Dairylea D DAIRY
Dairymaster USA Inc. D 800
Davon Sales Inc. HT B03
De Dell Seeds D 0805A
Deep Valley Farms Inc. D 604
Degelman CP I
Dekalb CP 136
Delaval Feedtech HT 343
Delaval Inc. HT E6
DFA Financing D DAIRY
DFA Farm Supplies D DAIRY
DFA Insurance D DAIRY
DFA Members Savings Network D DAIRY
Dick Meyer Co. Inc. HT 367
Digi-Star LLC D 629
Dion (D.F.E. Inc.) HT DION
DLS Barn Solutions Inc. I TOP
Doebler’s HT 338
Double “S” Equipment CP 121
Dow Agro CP 108
Doyle Equipment Mfg. Co. S 3
Dr. Register & Associates D 741
Dragotec USA Inc. CP DRAG
DTN/The Progressive Farmer HT 325
DuPont Pioneer CP 168
E/Z Products I 7
Easyfix North America D 750
Eby Trailers Inc HT 333
Eldred Hay,Grain, & Seed LLC D 646
Emm Sales & Service Inc. I 47
Empire Hydraulics & Machine AH 49
Empire Livestock D DAIRY
Empire State Meat Goat Producers Assn. D 517
Energrow Inc. HT 371
Energy Panel Structures D 716
Envitec Biogas USA Inc. D 813
F.S.R.C. Tanks Inc. HT 0323A
Farm Credit East HT 329
Farm Family Insurance Co. D 730
Farm King / Allied D FARM
Farmer Boy Ag D YD
Farming-The Journal Of N.E. Ag CP 210
FarmTek D LD
Fellowship Of Christian Farmers I TOP
Ferris & Snapper Pro CP FERRIS
Finger Lakes Antique Power CP 229
Fingerlakes Construction Co. HT 375
First Financial Bank Farm & Ranch Div. D 619
Freeman Scale/Avery Weigh-Tronix CP 114
Fritsch Equipment Corp. D FE
Frontlink Inc. S 2
Futurecow D 620
Gabel Belting D 0741A
Gea Farm Technologies HT GEA
George Kahler Sales LLC I 51
Geringhoff CP G
Grouser Products CP EE
Growers Mineral Solutions D 712
Growmark FS LLC D 701
H & S Manufacturing Co. Inc. CP H S
Hanova Hills Livestock Equip D 557
Haun Welding Supply D 743
Haybuster/Dura-Tech Industries D UUD
Haylor, Freyer & Coon Inc. I 10
Healthy Herd Genetics & Nutrition D 722
Heatmor Inc. D ID
Henrich Equipment Co. Inc. CP 135B
HFS I 14
Hill Place Farm Boer Goats D 517
Hill Top Tire D 748
Hoard’s Dairyman HT 324
Horning Mfg. LLC D MD
Hubner Seed CP 128
Hybrid Building Solutions CP 140
Hydro Systems Company HT REST
I.E.C. Incorporated D 740
Immucell Corporation D 618
Independent Ag Equipment D GVM
Inland Plastics Ltd. D 725
Invisible Fence I 20
IVA Manufacturing D 559
J & D Manufacturing HT 381
J.S. Woodhouse Co. Inc. D WD
Jamesway Farm Equipment D JFE
Jay-Lor Fabricating Inc. D ED
Jeffres Ag Services LLC HT 3338
Jefo USA Inc. D 749
John Blowers Toys AH  
John Deere Company D JD
Jones Equipment Co.   OUTSIDE
Kelly Manufacturing LLC CP HH
Kepner Equipment Inc CP 141
Keystone Concrete Products I 374A
K-Fam Mfg. LLC D 636
King’s Agriseeds Inc. D 0722B
Kioti Tractor I 122
Kitchen Craft CP 445
Kleis Equipment LLC I 46
Kohilo Wind CP 440
Kr Communications LLC I 15
Krone North America D GD
Krown Rust Control I 37
Kubota Tractor Corp. S KUBOTA
Kuhn North America Inc. CP B
Kuhns Mfg. LLC D 801
L R Gehm,LLC/Copulsation HT 320
Lallemand Animal Nutrition I 23
Lancaster Ag Products D 715
Lancaster DHIA HT 319
Lancaster Farming D 609
Land O’ Lakes/Winfield CP 130
Land Pride S LAND
Landoll Corporation D OTT
Lansing Trade Group D 614
Larry Romance & Son Inc. D 534
Lauren Agrisystems HT 368
Layden’s Fence & Livestock Services HT D5
Leiden Land & Cattle Inc. D 811
Lely USA Inc. HT B93
Leray Sealed Storage CP 184
Lester Building Systems D 611
Liftech Equipment Companies HT B14
Liquitube Marketing International D 516
Lira Animal Health Products CP 174
M. Meyers & Associates D 705
Mabie Bros HT A5
Magic Massage Therapy CP 403
Mahindra USA Inc. S MAHIND
Main & Pinckney Equipment I VERMEER
Martin Water Conditioning D 576
McDonough Hardwoods LTD. AH 050
Mclanahan Corporation HT 3313
Mensch Manufacturing D HD
Meyer Manufacturing Corp. CP MEYER
Michelin Twell Technologies S 5
Micronutrients D 738
Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing AH 07A
Mid York Distributors LLC CP N
Milton Cat D CAT
Mirabito CP 127
Miraco HT 382
Monroe Tractor & Implement Co. CP II
Morrisville State College AH 052
Morton Buildings Inc. CP 185
Mueller Company HT B01
Multimin USA D 625
Munters-Aerotech CP FOOD
Nachurs Alpine Solutions CP 124
Nasf D 741
National Farmers Organization D 714
Nationwide Insurance & Agribusiness D 505
Navillus Irrigation LLC HT 3338
NBT Bank CP 175
New Holland CP AA
New York Beef Council D BEEF
New York Beef Producers Assoc. D BEEF
New York Farm Bureau Member Svcs. D 503
New York Outdoor News HT 3307
New York State Grange D 608
Nextire Inc. CP 112
Niagara Label Co. Inc. D 727
Nofa-Ny Certified Organic LLC D 721
Nolt’s Tire Service D XD
North American Ag-Gro Curse Buster D 0648
North Brook Farms CP 162
Northeast Implement CP K
Northeast Stihl D AD
Northern Biogas LLC D 602
Norwood Sawmills USA Inc. CP 118
Novozymes Bio-Ag HT 365
Nutriplant CP 135A
NY Center For Ag Medicine & Health CP 229
NY Corn & Soybean Growers Assoc. HT 341
NY Farm Net I 42
NY FFA Association CP 208
NY Homeowners Construction Co. I TOP
NYS Dept Ag & Mkts-Animal Industry D 577
NYS Dept. Of Agriculture & Markets I 27
NYS Dept. Of Env. Cons. AH 09B
NYS Forest Owners Association AH 09C
NYS Public Service Commission CP 443
O.A. Newton CP 110
Organic Valley-Cropp Coop D 720
Outback Guidance By Agjunction CP 123
Oxbo International Corp. D OXBO
Paradise Energy Solutions D 641
Patz Corporation CP J
Penn Jersey Products Inc. D 737
Penta TMR Inc D OD
Perdue Agribusiness Inc. CP 401
Performance Probiotics D 509
Pikeside Enterprises LLC. CP 130
Pipping Concrete Inc. D 814
Poettinger Us Inc. HT POT
Polaris Industries HT POLARIS
Poly Excel LLC CP 134
Portacheck Inc. D 625
Poulin Grain Inc. HT 3339
Precision Work Inc. CP E
Preferred Seed Co. HT 323
Prima Tech USA D 625
Pro-Act Microbial Inc. CP 454
Progressive Dairyman D 613
Provita Animal Health HT 3312
Puck Custom Enterprises LLC HT 0322I
Pyrus Energy D 513
Quality Craft Tools D RBD
Quality Milk Production Services D 508
Quality Seeds Ltd D 590
Rangeline Group S 4
Raynor Garage Doors HT 0322E
Renaissance Nutrition Inc. D 704
Ritchie Bros.Auctioneer D 579
RLS Structures Inc. D 805
Roc America    
Rocky Road Collectibles ** AH 3
Rolls Toys ** AH  
Rotogrind Burrows Enterprises D 564
Roto-Mix LLC D OTT
Ruferer  Northrup CP 229
Ryder Supply Company HT B13
Safemark Tire CP 211
Safemark Tire CP BB
Salford Farm Machinery Ltd. D FD
Samasz HT A8
Schafer Fisheries D 616
Schoolyard Sugarbush HT 342
Schulte Industries CP TJ
Secor Building Solutions CP 441
Seedway LLC HT 0375A
Select Sire Power D 726
Shur-Co LLC D 617
Shur-Gain D 588
Sigona** AH 6
Sigrist Toys ** AH  
Sikkema’s Equipment Inc. HT 326
Silostop CP 184A
Silver Stream Shelters I 21
Skyview Fencing & Polebarns D 717
Smucker's Energy I TOP
Socal Flashlights LLC D 607
Soucy International D PD
Stanley Lambert AH 1
Stars And Stripes Tool Inc. CP GUIDE
Steel Sales Inc. CP 126
Steelfab Mfg. LLC CP 442
Stick-N-Stack Country Wood Products CP 218
Stoll North America HT STOLL
Stor-Loc I 40
Stray Voltage Testing HT 321
Stubbe’s Precast HT 3340
Summit Glove Inc. I 39
Sunoco Inc. Fulton Ethanol Plant HT 378
Suny Cobleskill I 26
Superior Attachments Inc. D 592
Superior Plus Energy Services S 6
Syngenta Crop  3D-Exhibits CP 171
Syracuse Fiber Recycling LLC. AH 07
Syr Vet, Inc. D 625
T.A. Seeds LLC D 746
Tag Home Performance CP 405
Tantivy Farm Trailers Sales HT 333
Taurus Service Inc. CP 107
Tech Mix Inc. D 739
Teitsworth Trailers D 531
The Birkett Mills AH 14
The Fertrell Co. I 24
The Hay-Mizer CP 135A
The Page Seed Co. D 586
Tigerco-Reese D 723
Tire Merchants International I 1
Todd Farms Boer Goats D 517
Topstitch Of New York D 633
Trackman D 742
Tractorhouse I 43
Trakrite Non-Slip Concrete I 25
Trapper Creek Enterprises I 121
Trelleborg Tire CP BB
Trioliet HT B02
Trouble Free Lighting D 732
Tudor And Jones Inc. CP TJ
Twin Valley Farm Service HT B94
Tytan International LLC CP 115
Udder Comfort D 713
Uebler Feed Carts C/O Gruetts Inc. CP HH
UEM Inc. AH 06A
Uncommon USA Flagpoles CP 106
UniFirst AH 53
United Wind I 13
Unverferth Mfg. Co. Inc. I 110
USDA Agricultural Research Services D 575
USDA/Aphis/VS D 0577A
USDA/Farm Service Agency D 578
Valmetal Inc. D JFE
Van Beek Natural Science HT 322D
Vantage Equipment LLC D DF
Vaughan Company Inc. D 0722A
Vermeer Mfg. Co.  I VERMER
Vigortone Ag Products D 610
Vista Builders Inc. D 630
Wagner Millwork Inc. D 580
Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors HT 3341
Wcb Systems D 512
Wecare Organics I 12
Weiler’s Grain Roasting Service CP 177
Weldy Enterprises S 1
Weller & Associates LLC D 507
Wells Fargo Advisors HT 3304
Western New York Energy LLC D 649
White’s Farm Supply AH 46
Williams Fence Of C.N.Y. Inc D 635
Woodchuck Bedding Spreader CP 135
Woodford Bros. Inc. I 45
Zartman Farms D KD