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Udder Tech launches green vet gear

Udder Tech now offering popular veterinarian items in the color green as well as new milk testing aprons.

Udder Tech Inc. announced that its popular veterinarian items are now offered in the color green and new milk testing aprons are now available.

"We are excited to offer our vet gear in the new green color," said Cheryl Mohn, president of Udder Tech Inc. "We have been expanding our product color choices through the years, most recently offering select products in pink. The new green color will be a great addition for veterinarians."

Waterproof bibbed overalls, shoulder guards and V-neck scrubs are now all available in green, in addition to the regular blue and black colors. Overalls are available in size XS-XXXL, shoulder guards are available in small and regular, and the V-neck scrubs are available in size S-XL. All items are made from waterproof nylon that can be machine washed and dried.

Also being added to the product lineup are new milk testing aprons designed to hold test vials used for milk sampling. The apron is available in three styles — full apron, half apron and belt style. The full apron holds 38 milk sample vials and has a cotton neck strap, adjustable belt and measures 19.5 in. wide by 23 in. high. The half apron holds 24 vials with an adjustable belt and measures 22.5 in. wide by 11 in. high. The belt style holds 20 vials and is on a 2-in. belt. All options are made from polyester fabric and are hand washable. The aprons are available in black only.

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