New Equipment, December 2016

New Equipment, December 2016

Cake feeder
DewEze, Harper, Kan., announced the release of its new BeefCake. This twin, 6 in. auger cake feeder is designed to prevent bridging and wasteful cube damage by reducing revolutions per minute. Tailored to fit any feeding mix, the BeefCake can be adjusted to feed in piles or a line. The integrated, corded hand control displays auger revolutions, offering ration management from the comfort of the cab. The BeefCake has a scale-ready design to help take the guesswork out of feed weighing. The frame legs are engineered at an angle, putting valve compartments within reach for routine maintenance. The BeefCake features electric or hydraulic models and is available in three sizes: the BC1000, BC1500 and BC2000.


Suckling piglet feeder
WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH, Lutten, Germany, announced its new Nutrix+ 2.0 Suckling Piglet Feeding to support the mother sow in feeding and to provide optimal animal protection. The fully automatic, multi-phase feeding system releases feed in line with requirements to help reduce feed losses and maximize hygiene. This is accomplished by a new trough shape with a center aisle and sophisticated computer control. Micro-dosing 30-40 g per trough feeding allows fresh feed to be available for all animals at all times. When a filling level of 0.07 liters is reached, a "full" report will be sent to the system. A computer can provide up to 600 farrowing places for 24 hours per day. This "around-the-clock" provision corresponds with piglets' appetite being nearly the same during the night and the day. Sixteen piglets per sow can be nourished without problems. Special valves ensure a needs-oriented dosification of the smallest amounts. Animals do not step in the feed, and there are no dead corners.


Farrowing crate
Farmweld Inc., Teutopolis, Ill., announced its A-Crate, a farrowing crate designed with the needs of today's sows, piglets, farrowing room employees and installers in mind. The sow area has been maximized to increase sow comfort, and the front-alley space has been enlarged. The crate features an easy two-bolt installation and new rounded crate edges. Low back side panels provide easier worker access to the sow and baby pigs. The crate allows for multiple sow feeder options to best fit the needs of each producer. Additional features of the crate include: Pig Saver Flip Bars to ensure that the sow eases herself down slowly to protect baby pigs yet won't restrict the sow as she stands up; Swinging Rump Guard gates that open forward and backward to give workers better access to assist during farrowing while making it easy to clean up behind the sow, and solid-rod construction for durability.


Bale patch
Silostop, London, U.K., has developed a Silopatch as a vinyl repair option for silage bales that get a tear. Measuring 4 in. x 6 in. (10 cm x 15 cm), it has a strong solvent adhesive that keeps it in place and is supplied in easy-to-tear-off strips, with 216 patches per roll. The rolls are 33 m in length, and there are 36 rolls per box. Silopatch should be applied in an area that is completely dry to ensure that the sticker stays in place.

Volume:88 Issue:12

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