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Journal of Dairy Science adds two new article collections

Article-Journal of Dairy Science adds two new article collections

Free collections on stocking density for dairy cattle and lactic acid bacteria added.

In 2015, the American Dairy Science Assn. (ADSA) introduced an enhancement to its Journal of Dairy Science (JDS) known as the Article Collections, which are compilations of significant papers and research developments within a particular subject area, selected by experts in that area.

ADSA announced May 27 the addition of two new article collections: one on the science of stocking density and another on lactic acid bacteria.

Stocking density collection

As a service to all who work with dairy cattle, a collection of articles on the science of stocking density has been compiled by Cassandra B. Tucker with the University of California-Davis.

This collection includes 10 articles published in JDS between 2006 and 2015. Topics addressed include the effects of stocking density on animal behavior, health, hygiene and biological responses.

This special set of articles is available free online at http://www.journalofdairyscience.org/stocking-density.

Lactic acid bacteria

A collection of JDS articles on lactic acid bacteria focusing on selective culturing, isolation and general characteristics has been compiled by Matthew Renschler and John L. McKillip with Ball State University.

This collection includes 30 articles published between 1962 and 2016. The articles are hosted by Elsevier and are available for free at http://www.journalofdairyscience.org/lacticacid.

JDS, the official journal of ADSA, is co-published by Elsevier and FASS Inc.

The American Dairy Science Assn. is an international organization of educators, scientists and industry representatives who are committed to advancing the dairy industry.

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