Agriculture and environmental groups form alliance on climate policy

Chuck Conner, CEO of the National Association of Farmer Cooperatives, discusses the more than 40 policy recommendations developed by the Food & Agriculture Climate Alliance.

December 11, 2020

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While the world has been focused on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, a small but diverse group of members of the food supply chain gathered to evaluate if there are enough shared goals and beliefs on climate policy to speak on the issue with a unified voice for agriculture.

In the past, climate legislation has failed in the U.S. in no small measure because the agriculture and forestry industries weren’t unified on the issue, and didn’t have a seat at the table. In an effort to correct that, the Food & Agriculture Climate Alliance (FACA) was formed in February 2020 by four groups that now co-chair the alliance: American Farm Bureau Federation, Environmental Defense Fund, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives and National Farmers Union. The alliance has since expanded to include FMI – The Food Industry Assn., National Alliance of Forest Owners, National Association of State Departments of Agriculture and The Nature Conservancy.

In this episode of Feedstuffs in Focus, Feedstuffs policy editor Jacqui Fatka talks with Chuck Connor, CEO of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, about the work of the Alliance, including the more than 40 recommendations the group developed on climate policy this year.

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