A Kansas State University study has found that the marbling texture of steak makes no difference to consumers in appearance and taste. Marbling is the amount of white, visible flecks of fat within the meat.
Multi-paddock grazing has been shown to be an effective conservation practice on grazing lands for enhancing water conservation and protecting water quality.
Dr. Luis Tedeschi, Texas A&M AgriLife Research Faculty Fellow, and graduate student Whitney Crossland are studying the effects of yeast as part of an extensive fed-cattle study.
Burning Prairie Grass behind barbed wire fence.
These bulls look alike, but they may carry different genes that influence disease. ARS research has cut the time and cost to analyze cattle genes.
Dr. Alexandru Biris, director of the UA Little Rock Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences, who helped develop a nanomaterial bone regeneration technology
Proper bull management is necessary for successful breeding programs. Monitoring the health of bulls prior to and during breeding season can improve a producer’s chances of having a successful calf crop.
Kara Robbins and Dustin Loy discuss bacteria samples tested in new equipment at the Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Clinic.
beef cows and calves
Angus breeding bull on pasture