Feed your success with CitriStim®

New research trials find heavier, healthier piglets are born to sows fed CitriStim®.

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CitriStim® is a truly unique and proven whole-cell inactivated yeast (Pichia guilliermondii) product that is beneficial in the diets of sows and gilts by impacting reproductive benefits.

CitriStim® is produced in a single facility exclusively by ADM ensuring product quality and consistency.

Pichia guilliermondii is a physically and chemically unique yeast, smaller in size and possessing different physical structures and key active components compared to conventional yeast. CitriStim® has been shown to favorably impact productivity when added to gestation and lactation rations by improving overall Sow productivity and optimizing profit potential. The prospect of generating significantly more weaned pigs fewer lightweight pigs (≤ 2 lb birth weight) per year simply by adding CitriStim® to gestation and lactation rations represents a rare opportunity to optimize efficiency and profitability through a relatively simple and modest management action. Producers can expect a 12:1 return per litter when including CitriStim® in sow lactation and gestion rations at two pounds per ton*.

Discover an innovative and efficient way to raise more heavier and healthier pigs at birth, plus greater overall productivity. These positive outcomes distinguish CitriStim® as a viable option due to its potential to help improve reproductive performance. For more information on how you can potentially boost productivity and better equip animals against health challenges, talk to your ADM sales representative or visit admanimalnutrition.com/citristim-swine today.

[Reference] *Martin and Gourley Studies


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