Shell eggs broken up 2% from year ago

eggs white rows_3dmentat_iStock_Thinkstock-179036587.jpg
Shell eggs broken totaled 197 million dozen during October.

Shell eggs broken totaled 197 million dozen during October 2021, up 2% from October a year ago, and slightly above the 196 million dozen broken during the previous month, according to data compiled by the Food Safety & Inspection Service inspection reports.

During calendar year 2021 through October, shell eggs broken totaled 1.90 billion dozen, up 2% from the comparable period in 2020.

To date, cumulative total edible product from eggs broken in 2021 was 2.41 billion pounds, up slightly from 2020. 

October 2020 contained 22 weekdays (including one holiday) and five Saturdays.  October 2021 contained 21 weekdays (including 1 holiday) and 5 Saturdays.

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