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Scoular gains exclusive license for barley protein concentrate

Scoular to construct $13 million manufacturing facility to produce plant-based protein for aquaculture feed and pet food.

The Scoular Co. recently announced that it has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Montana Microbial Products to produce and sell a barley protein concentrate (BPC) in North America and Asia.

BPC is a sustainable, plant-based alternative protein used in aquaculture feed and pet food, Scoular explained in its announcement. It is produced from non-genetically modified barley without using harsh chemicals or solvents. BPC will provide a "clean-label" solution for pet food manufacturers seeking high-protein nutrition for their formulas, the company said.

Montana Microbial Products developed its patent-pending technology to create BPC, and the product won the Top Innovator Award for U.S. Seafood at the 2019 Fish 2.0 Symposium.

Central to the project is Scoular’s plan to construct a state-of-the-art, $13 million manufacturing facility. The facility’s location has not yet been finalized, but it likely will be built in Idaho to provide access to barley producers, the company said. The investment is expected to create 13 jobs and be operational by May 2021.

Initially, the new facility is projected to process 1.9 million bu. of barley annually, with production projected to expand over the next several years, Scoular said, noting that it will co-produce a high-energy liquid feed supplement for cattle feeders.

Scoular said the partnership illustrates its ongoing commitment to creating innovative solutions for the feed ingredient supply chain.

“We’re excited to work with Montana Microbial Products to commercialize barley protein concentrate and look forward to collaborating with many industry stakeholders,” said John Messerich, Scoular senior vice president and division manager of feed ingredients. “In a world of growing protein demand and an uncertain economic environment for farmers, BPC will contribute to Scoular’s mission of adding value to multiple industries with sustainable products.”

Montana Microbial Products co-owner Bob Kearns added, “After years of development and testing, we are excited to partner with The Scoular Co. to get this product into the market.”

Montana Microbial Products produces high-quality BPCs and operates a pilot plant in Melrose, Mont., and a research lab in Missoula, Mont.

Scoular has 102 offices and facilities worldwide and more than $4 billion in sales. The company provides global and diverse supply chain solutions for end users and suppliers of grain, feed ingredients and food ingredients.

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