ionophore webinar

FEEDSTUFFS WEBINAR: Ionophores: Innovation for a productive future

Feedstuffs to host webinar on the use of ionophore in today's swine industry.

Pork producers are continuously striving to achieve better results — for their pigs, for their organizations and for their businesses.

During a Feedstuffs-hosted webinar on Thursday, July 27, Dr. Phil Rincker, director of Elanco Technical Consulting; Dr. Roger Arentson, technical consultant with Elanco, and Dr. Chad Hastad, director of nutritional services and operational support for New Fashion Pork, will talk about the role Skycis, a high-performance ionophore from Elanco, can play in improving performance and increasing profitability.

Topics of discussion will include:

-          The role of ionophores in today’s swine industry

-          A discussion of comprehensive research results and what Skycis can mean to an operation’s bottom line

-          A feed mill focus on best practices when utilizing medicated feed ingredients

Get your questions answered during this Feedstuffs and Elanco Animal Health FREE webinar!

To register for the event or to receive access to the archived webinar, click here.

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