Cherkizovo chooses Topigs Norsvin as genetic partner

Cherkizovo Group is largest producer of meat products and feed in Russia.

Cherkizovo Group in Russia has chosen Topigs Norsvin as its preferred genetic partner, which means that, in the near future, the group's 90,000 sows will be produced with Topigs Norsvin genetics, according to an announcement from Topigs Norsvin.

Brad Heron, production director of the pork division at Cherkizovo Group, said, "The efficiency of our production is improved by increased reproductive performance of the sows as well as by better wean-to-market performance with a lower cost of gain."

Maxim Zudin, general director of the Agro Division of Cherkizovo Group, added that results of demonstration trials "clearly demonstrate the economic benefits of Topigs Norsvin genetics for us. These results, in combination with the knowledge available and the desire to establish long-term relationships, make Topigs Norsvin the perfect partner for us. The process of depopulating and repopulating the multiplication system to a full TN70 program will allow us to reach the maximum genetic potential.”

Cherkizovo Group is the largest producer of meat products and feed in Russia and is one of the top three companies serving Russia’s chicken, pork and processed meat markets. Cherkizovo Group’s infrastructure includes seven full-cycle poultry sites, 16 modern pork production complexes, six meat processing plants, eight feed mills and more than 287,000 hectares of agricultural land. In 2016, the company produced 903,000 tons of meat.

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