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SRP introduces two new ag heating products

SRP Brooder Image.png
Company to present new radiant brooder and forced air heater for agricultural applications.

Superior Radiant Products (SRP) will present the new SRP Radiant Brooder and SRP Forced Air Heater for agricultural applications at the 2019 International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, Ga.

SRP Brooder Image.png

According to the announcement, the SRP Radiant Brooder is ideal for poultry housing new builds or retrofits and provides more radiant heat to the floor for a variety of poultry applications, it’s easy to install and maintain.

Other features include:

• Rated at 40,000 BTU per hour natural gas or liquified propane gas (LPG);

• Low- and high-pressure supply models;

• Direct spark ignition (DSI), no standing pilot;

• Three-try ignition is easy to access in a water-resistant enclosure, and

• Deep dish aluminum reflector directs heat to the litter area.

SRP Forced Air Heater Image.png

The gas-fired SRP Forced Air Heater provides consistent and reliable heat for a variety of poultry, fowl and pig producing environments. The direct-fired design delivers exceptional efficiency and will provide years of heavy-duty performance even in the harshest environments.

The heater has the following features:

• Rated at 250,000/160,000 BTU per hour;

• Electronic two-stage;

• Natural gas or LPG with only one gas valve;

• Enclosed motor for safe and dependable operation, and

• Flexible interior and exterior installation options.

Superior Radiant Products has been designing and manufacturing infrared heating equipment for the North American and international markets since 1995 at its facilities in Stoney Creek, Ont.; Fortville, Ind., and Qingdao, China.

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