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ADM Animal Nutrition introduces NutriPass L encapsulated lysine

Shutterstock black and white dairy cows eating from feed trough
State-of-the-art, patent-pending encapsulation technique enables a more consistent and available source of lysine for ruminants.

ADM, a global leader in animal nutrition, launched July 21 of NutriPass L, an encapsulated lysine supplement that is rumen-stable and intestinally available to cows.

“NutriPass L gives producers an edge by improving the return on investment of nutrients fed,” said Brad Dalke, vice president, ADM Animal Nutrition. “Through effective encapsulation, NutriPass L supplies a consistent and stable supply of metabolizable lysine for conversion into a cost-effective energy source for the animal.”

Lysine is an essential amino acid that must be provided through feedstuffs, since cows do not produce it naturally. Lysine is a biological building block that supports improved production performance in lean tissue gain, milk components and milk volume. Per 100 g of product, NutriPass L has been shown to meet or exceed net delivery of metabolizable lysine when evaluated against comparable products, ADM Animal Nutrition said.

Encapsulating lysine makes it possible for producers to supply a balanced, cost-effective diet, through the reduction of higher-cost protein ingredients in the ration. NutriPass L supports optimal milk production, animal growth and creates opportunities for nutritionists to limit nutrient wastage in rations, according to the announcement.

“ADM uses a proprietary matrix encapsulation technique to manufacture NutriPass L,” said Dr. Brian Lammers, dairy nutritionist, ADM Animal Nutrition. “Our process enables a lysine product that is uniform in shape and size with a protective coating, aspects that promote improved mixing capability and high intestinal release.”

NutriPass L can be mixed with a wide variety of feed ingredients and forages. It is manufactured in the U.S. at an advanced production facility under stringent quality-control measures and is formulated with domestically sourced ingredients.

NutriPass L joins ADM’s portfolio of livestock nutrition-based technologies and feed solutions. For decades, ADM has supported the animal nutrition market with specialty feed additives, premixes and compound feeds.

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