SCR expands dairy productivity suite

Suite of management tools gives users more ways to better manage individual cows, groups of cows and their entire herd.

October 13, 2015

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SCR expands dairy productivity suite

SCR Dairy announced several new applications and reports for its Cow Intelligence solutions. The new applications enhance the value of SCR systems, providing additional real time, actionable insight into cows' reproductive and health status.

"In today's market, with continuous cash flow pressures and the constant need to increase productivity and animal health, dairy farmers want to maximize their access to time-sensitive data," said Tom Breunig, SCR Dairy general manager.

These applications provide real-time information on four key drivers of these objectives: (1) feed and nutrition effectiveness, (2) health alerts around calving, (3) group routine and consistency tracking and (4) reproduction.

As a provider of effective dairy farm management tools, SCR is able to extract meaningful information and deliver it to farmers when they need it in the most useful format. The new applications are the latest advancement in SCR's rumination technology that was first developed 10 years ago and today is used on millions of cows worldwide.

Available with new Heatime Pro and DataFlow II systems (with HR-LD Tags), and integrated with the SCR Healthy Cow 24 solution, these advanced applications help farmers further improve productivity and reduce cost. They can gain more control and insight over farm activity and make the right decisions, at the right time, for a healthier, more productive herd, SCR Dairy said.


The suite of new management tools includes the following apps and reports:

1. The Real-Time Group Routine application provides real-time updates on unusual activity and rumination that may indicate disruptions to routine, enabling users to immediately identify and address groups requiring attention.

2. The Group Consistency application evaluates long-term rumination consistency trends to provide insight into reactions to nutrition and feeding changes, so farmers can quickly spot problems and monitor recovery.

3. The ProCalve suite of applications provides pre- and postcalving distress alerts to help farmers safeguard cows' health in the critical and sensitive time around calving, and minimize mortality.

4. The Heat Index on Heatime HR enables better breeding decisions and reduces false positives.

5. The Pregnancy Probability application gives farmers an additional tool on top of the Heat Index to help maximize artificial insemination success and predict if a cow may become open. This information enables users to more quickly find cows that need to be re-enrolled in the herd's breeding protocol.

6. The Temperature & Humidity Index Report features climate sensors connected to the SCR system to monitor the barn environment, giving users the early warning needed to act quickly to keep cows comfortable and reduce cooling costs.

"The new SCR applications and reports are based on feedback from farmers who are using our systems, and on the deep knowledge and experience of our worldwide team of dairy farming experts," says Yariv Avisar, SCR Dairy chief executive officer. "By combining input from the field with our own market-leading expertise we are able to provide innovative tools that help dairy farmers meet their most pressing challenges."

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