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FEEDSTUFFS PRECISION PORK Market Report - December 11FEEDSTUFFS PRECISION PORK Market Report - December 11

China herd size? What's ahead for the remainder of 2020? Take a listen, Dave Bauer explains.

December 11, 2020


In this episode of Feedstuffs Precision Pork, Dave Bauer, senior market analyst for Provimi, offers some hog market perspective and market highlights for the week as well as provides things to think about as we prepare for next week.

What’s ahead for the last couple weeks of the year for grains and hogs? Export reports give us little insight. What about profitability?  What about China and its herd size?  There seems to be several different thoughts about what China is up to.

These are uncertain times and it will pay dividends to be well-prepared. If you have questions on this week’s recap or want to discuss something not covered, feel free to ASK DAVE at [email protected] . Plan today for tomorrow’s success.


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