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Why farmers should stop bashing Chipotle (commentary) 13552Why farmers should stop bashing Chipotle (commentary)

The modern food system is safe, efficient and productive, and we should be promoting those efforts to reassure consumer confidence rather than knocking others into the ground, no matter how misleading their marketing efforts may be.

January 8, 2016

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Why farmers should stop bashing Chipotle (commentary)

I’ve long been an advocate of calling out Chipotle Mexican Grill on their BS. Their Food With Integrity marketing campaigns have lacked integrity and perpetuated lies about hard-working American farm and ranch families. Chipotle has spent years building up their brand as being superior to conventional food systems, while their ideal (sustainable, organic, non-GMO) foods have often made up only a portion of the menu in more than 1,900 restaurants. They’ve pulled support from American farmers by sourcing ingredients from foreign countries and somehow still managed to call themselves sustainable.

In 2015, the walls came tumbling down. After a series of disease outbreaks resulting from foodborne illnesses at multiple locations across the country, their same-store sales fell in the fourth quarter, and their stocks have lost significant value. Cases of norovirus and multiple strains of Escherichia coli have made hundreds of people sick from coast to coast, and the CDC has yet to announce findings of known sources of the contaminants.

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