Merged cooperatives reveal new brand

Landmark Services Cooperative and Countryside Cooperative combine to form ALCIVIA.

July 6, 2021

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On July 6, the cooperative formed by the March 1 merger of Countryside Cooperative and Landmark Services Cooperative became ALCIVIA (pronounced ALL-siv-ia).

As a member-owned cooperative powered by engaged employees with a single mission, shared vision and common values, ALCIVIA is a community of passionate individuals driven by a common desire to help customers succeed.

“We feel the new brand energizes and empowers our team to make the future even brighter for our members, customers and employees,” said Jim Lange, Chairman of the Board of ALCIVIA. “Our new tagline, ‘ALL. TOGETHER. NOW.’, speaks to the shared excitement we all feel about how the merger represents the very best of both cooperatives. Embodying the cooperative spirit, ALCIVIA exists to succeed together.”

The name ALCIVIA says “all together” in a distinctive way, coming from the same root as common words for community like “civic” and “civility.” In addition to the new name and supporting brand materials, the cooperative introduced a new logo with an upward-facing arrow shape to reaffirm their forward-thinking, positive culture.

“The brand development process involved extensive customer research, as well as close collaboration between the Board of Directors and a wide cross-section of employees over many months,” according to Jim Dell, CEO and President of ALCIVIA. “Our mission, vision and values were foundational to the effort, which led to a distinctive, meaningful name that’s true to who we are and the value our customers can expect to get both now and in the future.”

ALCIVIA is located in Wisconsin and serves farm, business and retail customers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa, It's business interests include low-interest operating loans and input financing, as well as best-in-class products and services for the agronomy, animal nutrition, energy, and grain needs of its customers.

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