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New Farm Products of 2015

Like something you saw at one of the 2015 farm shows? Didn't get a chance to make it to all the exhibitors? We have compiled more than 200 new products featured this year at the farm shows into one free, downloadable report. 

Dear Reader,

Being in the agriculture business, you know how important it is to be up to speed with the latest innovations and technology.

New products from agricultural retailers around the world are constantly being introduced, displayed and demonstrated for consumers.    

Once again, our editors at Penton Agriculture have collected and consolidated all the new products featured this year at the farm shows.

More than 200 products introduced at The Farm Progress Show, Hay and Forage Expo, and Husker Harvest Days, and New York Farm Show can be found in our free online informative  guide: New Farm Products of 2015.

If you are looking for the latest in tillers and land movers or need to find a better way to apply liquid fertilizer, then you need to download this free guide right now. Are you looking to revamp your machine shop before next year? Check out the must-haves featured in New Farm Products of 2015.

This free informative guide can be yours. Download the guide below:

More than 200 products featured
The editors at Penton Agriculture have compiled more than 200 in-depth product descriptions, accompanied by photos for your reference.

This informative guide, exclusively from Penton Agriculture, can be your best friend when deciding on new product purchases for your farm business.

A wide range of products are detailed with specs, images and contact information right at your fingertips.  Download your free new farm product guide now!

Products you can expect to find in New Farm Products of 2015:

Editor's favorites
Guidance systems
Livestock handling
Fertilizer application
Grain bin accessories
Precision technology
Grain augers/conveyors
Farm buildings
Hay handling/forage
Manure handling
Sprayer equipment
Grain carts
Tilers, land movers
Precision technology
Harvest extras & accessories
Shop accessories
Tires & tracks
…and much more

Access your guide now to get the latest information on new farm products exclusively from the 2015 farm shows.

The latest innovative farm products at your fingertips!
This informative guide offers you an in-depth look at a wide range of ag products and innovations featured at this year's farm shows. New Farm Products of 2015 is more than a buyer's guide, it's an insider's business guide to the latest products that can improve your agricultural operation.

And it's FREE.

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Willie Vogt
Editorial Director
Farm Progress

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