Zoetis releases Enlight for Holstein genetic improvement

Online dashboard delivers cutting-edge genomic technology to Holstein dairy producers.

Zoetis has released Enlight, a new online, comprehensive management tool designed to help dairy producers who own Holstein cattle more efficiently manage herd genetics. The result of collaboration between Holstein Association USA and Zoetis, Enlight will provide dairy producers with a comprehensive view of herd-level and individual animal genetic performance, the announcement said.

"Enlight will help us obtain genomic information in a timely way and evaluate our animals to make the decisions necessary to help us meet our breeding goals," said Glen Brown, Holstein Association USA president. "Enlight will be an important tool for all herds, regardless of size, to access important information and use it to fit specific needs."

Genomic samples submitted by Enlight users will be analyzed by CLARIFIDE, a DNA-marker technology for optimizing selection and management of dairy replacement females from Zoetis. Once samples are processed, producers can manage their herd genetics through the Enlight dashboard at www.EnlightDairy.com. Users will also have immediate access to a diverse suite of reporting and analysis tools, in addition to official animal identification, breed benchmarks and reporting formats that were traditionally only available through the association.

All information will be accessible as results are made available via a password-protected website with no need to install software or upgrades.

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