Zinpro begins manufacturing new products for China

Beginning in June, Zinpro will manufacture three new high-concentration products at its new facility in Wuxi, China, for the Chinese market.

Beginning in June, Zinpro Corp. will manufacture three new high-concentration spray-dried products for the animal feed market in China: AvailaZn 170, AvailaMn 150 and AvailaFe 150.

These will be the first products manufactured at the Zinpro facility in Wuxi, China. The company has exported products to China for more than 15 years and built this new facility to better serve its customers and support the growth of its business in this market.

"Our new manufacturing facility in China represents an exciting step for the future growth of Zinpro Corp.," Chin said. The manufacturing facility in Wuxi follows the same manufacturing protocols and requires the same rigorous raw materials specifications as Zinpro manufacturing facilities in the U.S. As a result, products manufactured in China will be of the same quality as products manufactured in the U.S.

"We know that producers in China are seeking solutions to improve animal performance and the productivity of their operations,” said Dr. Sou Fei Chin, Zinpro vice president of sales – North Asia. "Our facility in Wuxi is focused on serving the China market. There will be no effect on U.S. operations. The new manufacturing facility currently under construction in Shell Rock, Iowa, will service our growing needs in North America and other parts the world."

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