Wilbur-Ellis opens Colorado office

Relocation is part of the business's multi-faceted Alignment for Growth plan

WILBUR-ELLIS Company continues its investment for the future with the opening of its new Agribusiness Division location in the Denver Metro Area. The new facility will host key personnel, including executive leadership and key support team leads, as the company shifts the base of its Agribusiness operations from California to Colorado.

The relocation is part of the business's multi-faceted Alignment for Growth plan announced this past summer, which was created to provide new opportunities for employees while supporting greater productivity, and help improve communication and responsiveness to better support customers and suppliers.  

"The move to Colorado puts the Agribusiness Division in the middle of our entire operating area, closer to our branch locations and to our customers," said Dan Vradenburg, president of the Agribusiness Division. "The new facility will make it easier for employees to connect with one another and with our customers—all of whom are critical to our success."

Part of the plan also included realigning a number of positions around the company’s functional support areas, as well as within its five regions.

The Alignment for Growth plan was created to allow Wilbur-Ellis to combat the changing industry conditions while also meeting customer demands, and accelerating professional and organization growth within the company. The Agribusiness Division is a $2.1 billion business, with more than 2800 employees serving customers in over 250 crop segments across the U.S.

The Wilbur-Ellis corporate headquarters remains in California, and the Agribusiness Division will continue to operate its more than 175 branch locations across the U.S.

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