Video monitoring mandated by Canadian turkey producer

Hybrid Turkey employs first of its kind mandatory video monitoring of all turkey euthanasia at its company's locations.

A Canadian turkey producer, Hybrid Turkey, suspended four workers at the company’s southwestern Ontario location after an undercover video – released by the Mercy for Animals Canada- depicted the employees using non-approved euthanasia methods.

“Hybrid has zero tolerance for animal abuse,” David Libertini, managing director of Hybrid Turkeys, said. “As soon as we reviewed the video, we suspended the four employees involved. We are conducting an independent third-party investigation to review the incident as well as our company’s animal welfare program, training and quality practices.”

The seven minute video showed the employees using blunt force to euthanasia birds, which is a direct violation of Hybrid’s animal welfare protocols.

Hybrid has established standard quality practices – based on scientific research, veterinary advice and ethical and practical knowledge gained through years of experience – for each step of production including euthanasia.

In response to the video the Turkey Farmers of Canada stated, “Respectful treatment and welfare of turkeys is a top priority for Turkey Farmers of Canada. The recent video footage of a turkey operation in Ontario is a concerning, yet isolated, incident.”

Immediately following the release of the video, the results of the multi-level audits and third-party inspections found the incident to be isolated across the company.

Accordingly, Hybrid announced last week it will be the first turkey producer in North America to employ mandatory video monitoring and veterinary review of all turkey euthanasia. 

“Euthanasia is not easy to do or watch at the best of times. Hybrid has just recently launched a new, easier-to-use tool plus training for this euthanasia method,” said Dr. Helen Wojcinski, Manager Science and Sustainability for Hybrid Turkeys.

The National Turkey Federation (NTF) provides an animal care guideline that is reviewed by veterinarians and other animal care experts.  Those guidelines serve as foundation for turkey producers to establish proper procedure in caring for birds.

The NTF commended Hybrid for its recent action to prevent the incident from repeating.

In statement NTF stated, “The National Turkey Federation congratulates Hybrid Turkeys on its decision to incorporate pro-active, forward-looking policies, reviewed and approved by leading veterinary experts, into its animal care program. These policies - particularly the requirement that all on-farm euthanasia be videotaped - demonstrate leadership and an understanding that turkey consumers throughout North America expect the highest standards of animal care in turkey production.”

While NTF guidelines serve as a foundation for programs throughout the turkey industry, the organization noted members like Hybrid implement additional animal care policies on top of our stringent guidelines.

Additionally, Hybrid is also initiating a cooperative research agreement on more effective and humane forms of euthanasia with the Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare, University of Guelph.

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