Vi-COR rebrands swine products

Vi-COR rebrands swine products

VARIED Industries Corp. (Vi-COR), a manufacturer of refined functional carbohydrates (RFC), has launched PILOT all-natural feed supplement for swine.

According to the announcement, the four key features of RFC include: (1) modulating the gut environment as a prebiotic, (2) enhancing the immune system to both prevent and control disease, (3) binding mycotoxins to prevent any negative effects and (4) improving nutrient digestibility.

Vi-COR noted that it has operated with an outsourced marketing business model in the swine industry for the past five to six years, maintaining a relationship with NUTRIQUEST (a.k.a. VAST) in which it marketed products under the trade name Cel-CAN (including Cel-CAN X9 and Cel-MOS). Vi-COR is the developer and manufacturer of these products.

To make a clean break from the past, Vi-COR said it is rebranding these products under the new PILOT brand name. There will be no interruption in product supply by placing orders directly with Vi-COR, the announcement said.

Vi-COR has been active in the livestock feed industry for more than 50 years.

Volume:85 Issue:41

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