USDA published 2013 annual sales and income report

USDA released the 2013 meat, poultry and dairy production and income report

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released 2013 annual production and income reports for U.S. meat, poultry and dairy sectors on April 29.

Meat Production

In 2013, the grand total of red meat production equaled 73.4 billion pounds, slight increase from 2012.  This represents a 1% growth in production for both cattle and hogs.

Moreover, total cash receipts last year climbed 4% to 92.1 billion with the marketing of cattle and calves accounting for 75% at $68.7 billion, selling 55.3 billion lb. and hogs and pigs making up the remainder at $23.4 billion, marketing 33.4 billion lb.

The cash receipts for cattle and the value of beef production -$49.5- established new records in 2013. Additionally, Nebraska captured bragging rights over Texas for total cash receipts however Texas still remains the number one state for value of cattle and calf production.

For hogs and pigs, Iowa continues to be the leading state for hog production with cash receipts totaling $7.585 billion and production value at $6.590 billion.  North Carolina lapped Minnesota to grab the number two spot for total cash receipts.

Poultry Production

The consolidated value of production from broilers, eggs, turkeys and the value sales of chickens last year was $44.1 billion –up 15% from 2012-, according to the USDA NAAA “Poultry Production and Value” annual report.

In 2013, the total number of broilers produced was 8.52 billion, 1% increase from the previous year.  In addition the total amount of live weight broilers produced last year grew 2% to 50.6 billion pounds. As result, the value of broilers produced during 2013 climbed 24% from 2013 and equaled $30.7 billion.

Likewise, the value of sales from chickens, excluding broilers, also increased in 2013.  The 185 million chickens sold computed to $87.9 million, up 11% from 2012.

The decrease in turkey production in 2013, drop 7.28 billion pounds from 7.56 billion in 2012, contributed to the 11% drop in the value of turkeys produced. 

Moreover, the 95.2 billion eggs produced last year was valued at $8.50 billion, up 8% from $7.85 billion in 2012.

Milk and Dairy Products Production

Last year milk production increased 0.3% to 201 billion pounds but the rate per cow, 21,822 lb., was 102 more pounds than 2012. On the U.S. dairy farms the average number of milk cows was 9.22 million head, a decline of 12,000 from the previous year.

Nevertheless, cash receipts from the marketing of milk was 8.7% higher than 2012 at $40.3 billion.  Producer returns averaged $20.12/cwt., which is 8.4% over 2012.

California was the leader in cash receipts, value of milk production and the most dairy cows in the state.  Wisconsin closely followed.

The 2013 cheese production, excluding cottage cheese, was 11.1 billion pounds, up 2.0% from 2012.  Wisconsin produced the most cheese last year.

U.S. dairies produced 1.86 billion pounds of butter in 2013 with California accounting for 34.1% of the production.

For dry milk powders, nonfat dry milk production at 1.48 billion lb. declined 16.2% while skim milk powders grew 65.7% at 631 million lb.

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