Ukraine Cargill plant fire caused by apparent missile

Company closed facility in July due to escalating tensions.

Following closure of one its Ukrainian facilities in July, Cargill has reported that its sunflower processing facility in Donetsk may have recently been hit by a missile.

“We have received reports that there was a fire at one of the grain silos at our facility in Donetsk which was attended by the local fire brigade,” Cargill said in a statement. “Unconfirmed reports suggest this may have been the result of a missile hit.”

The company said no injuries and no damage to the rest of the facility have been reported, but further assessment of the facility could not be accomplished.

Cargill closed the plant on July 4 after tensions escalated between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian armed forces. One week after the closure, the plant became occupied by armed intruders.

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