TOPIGS, Norsvin merge

TOPIGS, Norsvin merge

TOPIGS International and Norsvin International A/S have merged their international activities into a new company named Topigs Norsvin, resulting in a global swine breeding company with annual revenues exceeding $179 million.

The head office will be in Vught, Netherlands.

TOPIGS and Norsvin are farmer owned, and both pay dividends through genetic progress from applied research and development (R&D). Research, innovation and dissemination of genetic improvement will be the cornerstones of the new company, according to the announcement.

TOPIGS and Norsvin said they are aligning their R&D activities for more and smarter investments to accelerate genetic progress and develop new products. TOPIGS and Norsvin have cooperated successfully on selected R&D projects for many years and are now fully aligning all R&D activities. The combined R&D budget is about $25 million, or 14% of revenues.

The companies said the combination of high-throughput phenotyping, large-scale computer tomography of boars, global nucleus breeding, massive gathering of production data and genomic selection will accelerate genetic progress and add value to the entire production chain.

Topigs Norsvin has a complementary product portfolio, and the current products of both companies will remain available.

Calling the two companies "a perfect match," Topigs Norsvin chief executive officer Martin Bijl said, "We are both R&D driven and have complimentary portfolios. TOPIGS brings robust, easy-to-manage lines providing the best total feed efficiency. Norsvin brings extremely productive, lean and efficient lines. Also, the market position is complementary with TOPIGS' global presence and Norsvin's solid presence in Scandinavia, the U.S. and the Baltic region."

With production of more than 1.55 million crossbred gilts and 8 million doses of semen per year, Topigs Norsvin becomes one of the largest swine genetics suppliers in the world.

TOPIGS Nederland, Varkens K.I. Nederland and Norsvin S.A. are not included as part of the merger.

Volume:86 Issue:23

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