TMR Tracker 5.0 available from Digi-Star

Updated TMR Tracker is now fully integrated with Digi-Star's Moisture Tracker.

Digi-Star announced that its TMR Tracker 5.0 will be released this fall. The new TMR Tracker 5.0 offers several enhanced user functions, including a new dry matter change log for each ingredient with inventory price effective dates, time tracking for loading and unloading ingredients, automated desktop reports and a daily diary to track on-farm events that might impact feed intake. TMR Tracker 5.0 is also fully integrated with Digi-Star's Moisture Tracker.

"The new features included with TMR Tracker 5.0 offer producers tools to improve feed management, but also to have a better understanding of feed consumption as it goes up or down on the farm," said Tera Koebel, TMR Tracker sales representative with Digi-Star. "Outside of better data, this information can also be used to make sure over mixing is not occurring."

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