Syngenta stops Canadian Agrisure Duracade sales

Sales of seed corn with controversial trait discontinued in Canada.

In the latest development surrounding the controversial GM corn seed, Syngenta AG has decided that it will discontinue the sale of Agrisure Duracade in Canada. China and the European Union have not approved the trait creating the potential for serious trade implications if the trait is discovered in shipments. Canadian farmers who purchased the seed for the 2014 planting season have been asked to return the product.

Syngenta and Gavilon Grain LLC recently announced a marketing partnership for U.S. farmers planning to use the controversial seed this spring. Grain groups are still very apprehensive and stressed that those involved in the program should strictly adhere to all aspects of the marketing program.  

In December, China rejected shipments of DDGS when they found traces of Agrisure Viptera, also known as MIR162. On the market since 2011, this trait still has not been approved by China. Syngenta submitted paperwork for regulatory approval of Agrisure Duracade to China two years ago. 

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